I’m A Celebrity Contestant’s Win Their Luxury Things During The Challenge


I’m A Celebrity participants won access to their luxury items, including an eye mask for sleeping, a Polaroid camera and family pictures.

During Friday night’s show, the 11 famous faces worked together as a team to solve riddles and find the correct key from among 200 that would open a safe.

Answers were shouted out by DJ Snoochie Shy, along with Emmerdale actor Danny Miller, music producer Naughty Boy and East Enders actor Adam Woodyatt.

David Ginola and Simon Gregson, stars of Coronation Street, divided the keys with Dame Arlene Phillips.

Clues added, “I have hands, but no fingers, so I cannot clap”, which they corrected to meantime.

As a result of an on-set gaffe, co-hosts Ant and Dec had to restart their live introduction.

When Declan Donnelly burst a button on his shirt in the castle studio, Ant McPartlin burst into laughter and quipped, “We’re not live, are we?”.”

The pair then left the popped before re-entering for a second attempt, with McPartlin joking about the location’s “changeable weather” about the damage caused to the set by Storm Arwen.

As Ginola handed out the luxury items, Woodyatt received a chair and said: “Well, I guess I’ll be sleeping in it when I tire of that hammock.”

Louise Minchin, retired BBC Breakfast host, received a hot water bottle and jokingly quipped: “I stole this from my daughter.”. I can lend it to others as well.”

Afterwards, Saturdays star Frankie Bridge preferred a Polaroid camera so the campmate could take a group selfie.

Dame Arlene chose a hairbrush, and four-time gold medalist Kadeena Cox revealed a medicine ball.

The idea of everyone training seemed like a sensible idea to her.

A picture of Miller’s wife and newborn son appeared on the screen.

He stated: “Steph and Albert, so I can eventually go to sleep next to them.

“I’ll rely on them to get me through this for however long I’m stuck here. They’re happy tears to look at.”

Earlier in the episode, a downcast Miller opened up to footballer Ginola about missing his family.

He said: “I’m a little homesick.”

Ginola replied: “It’s going to be okay. Concentrate on the food and think about how fortunate you are. You have a beautiful wife, a three-week-old baby boy.

“You need to be strong for them as well. They want to see you strong.

“When your son is going to watch the programme he’s going to say, ‘Wow, daddy was strong. He’s a powerful man. He’s my darling.’ I know it’s arduous.”

As Ginola admitted he missed his girlfriend, he said: “Have confidence. You can achieve anything you strive for.”

Friday night’s event also observed Naughty Boy and Olympic gold medallist diver Matty Lee participate in the Gruesome Gargoyles test and earn ten stars for the camp.

The event ended with Naughty Boy, Ginola and Woodyatt being voted by the public to take part in the Cells of Hell confronting during upcoming episodes.

I’m A Celebrity, and Get Me Out Of Here! Therefore, it can be seen on ITV and ITV Hub.


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