In Chester, People With Learning Disabilities Can Now Run A Store For Selling Goods


Chester’s city centre now has a store where learning disabled and autistic people can sell their products and get creative.

The Forum Shopping Centre has opened a new Diverse Designs store in partnership with the West Cheshire Autism Hub.

Diverse Designs is located right next to B&M Bargains. We will have the Chester Market entrance open from morning 10 am to evening 4 pm at the Forum Shopping Center from Monday through Saturday. Among the products available for customers to purchase will be arts and crafts.

People suffering from learning disabilities and autistic disorders can get support from VIVO throughout Cheshire West and Chester. As part of this project, The Bluecoat in Chester opened the Autism Hub last year and created a safe and welcoming space for the disabled and families struggling with autism.

People can make Christmas presents or beautiful gifts with the items on sale. Vivo and the Autism Hub provides excellent products beautifully handcrafted, and they have a significant impact on the people we support.

People who access services at Vivo and the Autism Hub will have ample opportunities to learn new skills and gain confidence in the community thanks to this joint venture.

From April 2022, Vivo will become an in-house service of Cheshire West and Chester Council, which currently owns and funds the company.

The course will also help people improve customer service skills that can lead to employment opportunities in the future.

People can come to the shop to explore their creativity and to take part in the things they like since the shop is focused on development opportunities rather than profit-making.

Alistair Jeffs, MD (managing director) of Vivo Care Choices, stated: “We are very excited about this new venture at Vivo, where we aim to serve our local communities.

These products are a fantastic opportunity for the people we support and want to sell creatively the products they make.

Having a workspace at the store itself will provide a second location for creating their arts and crafts.

The range of products we offer at our new store will be on display for our customers to see.”

We think Cheshire has taken a great step, and every citizen should be covered with opportunities. If there is any disabled person in your friends and family circle, you must visit here once.


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