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Survey reveals that employees in Cheshire are ‘merchandise-fans’

A newly published study reveals that almost three quarters of workers in Cheshire love to receive corporate gifts, claiming that it makes them feel valued and appreciated.

The survey carried out among 1,500 employees was commissioned by north-west based promotional products retailer with its researchers exploring what it is that workers in Cheshire enjoy most about their job.

It found that despite the salary, the feeling of being part of a team is important to more than half (51%) of those polled.

Employees also enjoy company benefits or perks (37%), having a sense of comradeship with their colleagues (35%) and running a project where they can make decisions (30%).

Among the most attractive benefits to employees in Cheshire include flexible working arrangements (61%), free corporate merchandise (36%) and a workplace pension (35%).

Free or subsidised gym memberships to improve health and wellbeing as well as tax incentives, such as cycle to work schemes, are also important to workers in Cheshire.  

The findings recently published in its Work Perks & Promotional Merchandise Market Report indicates that 72% of the workforce claim that corporate gifts make employees feel valued and a quarter of those surveyed said they’re good for morale.

The vast majority (85%) of employees in Cheshire even went as far as saying that regular promotional gifts would change their opinion of the company that they work for.

The UK’s leading promotional retailer’s study revealed the most sought-after corporate merchandise are staff recognition gifts that have been personalised.

More than a quarter (29%) of those surveyed appreciate ‘merch’ that they can use every day, while a further one in four (25%) want something that makes their jobs easier.

The survey identifies the favourite types of merchandise are t-shirts & hoodies (58%), water bottles (40%) and pens (40%) among other useful everyday items such as travel mugs and bags.  

The data shows that 85% of the people polled said they would provide corporate gifts to their employees if they were made boss.

The findings suggest that simple gestures like corporate merchandise can make a real impact on an organisation’s culture and staff morale with little cost to the employer and businesses in Cheshire. 

Unsurprisingly, nine out of 10 people surveyed in appreciate gifts no matter who they came from. 

Meanwhile, over half of the people polled (55%) said that they have made a purchase from a brand within the last 12 months that included a free gift, proving that promotional giveaways and merchandise help to boost sales.

Any business of any size in Cheshire can choose from a wide range of promotional merchandise from 4imprint whether they’re looking for water bottles, travel mugs, branded stationery or technology items like wireless chargers. 



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