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Shoe Care Guide: Way To Clean and Polish Your Leather Shoes

Leather shoes come in various designs, from boots to sneakers, and are ideal for wet days. However, no matter how long-lasting or attractive they are, they can become worn and unsightly over time.  Isn’t that something you don’t want to happen? Knowing how to clean and polish leather shoes will guarantee that they look great and last a long time. Follow these easy steps.

Instructions To Clean, Polish And Care Your Leather Shoe

Before you start, lay down sheets of newspaper or a towel on the surface you will be working on to make cleanup easier and prevent damage. Once you’ve got everything set up, you may move on to the next step:

Step 1: Take off your shoes’ laces

According to the shoe cleaning service, The laces are removed to avoid getting water or polish. They may, however, need a wash from time to time. Toss them in the washer or replace them with a new pair if they’re dirty.

Step 2: Clean dirt and dust with a brush

Dirt damages the fabric of your leather footwear, causing (unrepairable) cracks; therefore, use a cleaning shoe brush to remove any loose dirt, mud, or salt from the leather surfaces. A shoe cobbler near me suggests paying close attention to scuffs and scrapes to avoid damage when cleaning. In addition, cleaning off dirt after each wear will make polishing and polishing your leather shoes easier later.

Step 3: Use soap to remove stubborn stains

Wipe the outer layers of the leather shoe using a damp towel or a soft shoe brush that has been soaked in water and combined with a little soap. It can also be used to clean inside grooves. First, make sure the leather doesn’t get too wet. Instead of using too much water and soap all at once, it’s better to repeat the process with less water and soap. When dealing with scuff marks or stubborn stains, dab them. If they still aren’t gone, begin softly rubbing the stain with a little pressure.

Step 4: Remove soap from the top

Clean away the soap with a dry towel once all the stains have been gone, then wait until they’re dry enough to begin polishing. It could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. In addition, shoe stretchers can be inserted into your leather shoes to help keep their shape.

Step 5: Use polish and a shoe brush to rub them 

Apply a clear or similar-coloured polish in a circular motion on the entire shoe using a clean, soft cloth. The leather shoe will be protected from nourishing stains, and the colour will improve. However, be careful of stitching that is a different colour! The shoe cleaning service suggested testing it on the forehand in an inconspicuous region to ensure that the polish does not cause discolouration.

Step 6: Polish your shoes

Let the polish soak for a few minutes after you’ve finished. After that, using a fresh, clean, soft cloth or a buffing brush, shine the shoe correctly with short yet steady swipes.

Step 7: Left to dry

Let your boots and shoes dry outside. Avoid exposing them to the sun (or a heater), which may create discolouration and cracks in the leather.

Step 8: Apply a coat of protection spray to the area

After cleaning and shining your leather shoes, spray them with quality protection spray from a distance of 30 cm. Your shoes will be soft, supple, and waterproof after this treatment. If you are in a rainy environment, make sure to repeat this at least four times a year. Isn’t it true that it’s better to avoid than to treat?

Last Words

It’s quite easy to clean and polish your leather shoes. There’s only one essential thing that can be tricky at times: timing. If you want to extend the life of your leather shoes, a shoe cleaning service recommends cleaning them as soon as they become dirty. Only then will you be able to avoid long-term dirt and stains. If you are thinking of regularly taking care of your shoes, then hire Hello Laundry, a shoe cobbler near me, to provide quality shoe cleaning service. In addition, our shoe cleaning service provides an online pickup and delivery service that saves your time and makes your schedule easier.



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