Style experts explain how to accessorise three trending interior themes for 2022


The team at Arighi Bianchi are famed for styling celebrity homes and, as one of the go-to online destinations for the very hottest interiors finds from around the globe, it works with clients to create interior design schemes where every detail combines to create ‘the look’.

Arighi Bianchi’s styling expert Lucy Mather explains how to accessorise three trending looks for 2022/23:

  • Boho and Scandi style – incorporating micro trends of inspiration from nature, Zen Interiors and authentic greenery
  • Glam Luxe – for new traditionalists
  • Modern Eclectic – combining classic colours and statement pieces

“Boho, Scandi, Zen or Nature-inspired – whatever your preferred term for this look it’s one that’s dominating home interiors in 2022, and is perfect for those wanting to achieve a laid back vibe that enhances wellbeing and mindfulness!” says Lucy.

“People are placing even more focus on how their homes can support wellness and mindfulness rituals. We want to be surrounded by natural materials and calming neutrals. And demand for boho-style looks has never been greater.

Soft neutral colour palettes, natural materials and fabrics, layered textures and boho-inspired patterns are combined to create a relaxing retreat; the ideal space for a morning meditation or a leisurely Sunday lie-in.

“There are some really key pieces and details that can help you easily pull this look together.

“The beautiful Camia bedroom furniture at the heart of the scheme is handcrafted with traditional carpentry methods using reclaimed timber. This is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to make more sustainable choices in their home in 2022 and furniture made using recycled wood is set to be a growing trend. The pieces are completely unique and will show signs of ageing, knots and distressing.

Accessorising a Scandi theme

Featured products:

abstract face rug  (£67.50); tassel and pom pom ginger accent cushion (£22.13); geometric tasselled cushion (£18.00); Baby Brighton Bluetooth radio (£31.50);  natural knitted stool £134.10; hanging Boston Fern (£31.50) and small pearlescent face vase (£31.50).

“Traditional does not mean ‘old fashioned’ in today’s interiors – it’s a glam style that screams style and sophistication, and is a look that will stand the test of time for all generation types.”

“With people spending more time at home than ever, grown up living spaces are perfect to relax in after a busy day and provide an escape from more functional areas such as kitchens and home offices. They also create perfect entertaining spaces for drinks or a night in with friends.

“Rich luxurious fabrics like velvet and faux fur, blues and gold accents, subtle animal print and statement rugs and artwork all combine to create a glam luxe aesthetic that is proving to be a big trend for this year.

“At the heart of this décor scheme is a luxurious statement sofa (Cleo Navy Blue Corner Sofa (£3,759) – think generous size, dynamic shape and velvet detailing. Juxtapose a vibrant sofa with equally luxe occasional chairs (Tetrad Fairy Chair (£749)) again using tactile classic fabrics such as boucle, faux fur or leather.


Accessorising a New Traditionalist theme

Featured products:  Tetrad Fairy Chair (£749);  Glass top multi-level coffee table (£1,119); Pride & Prosecco Framed Print (£49.50); Diana Floor Lamp (£134.10) and Gold linear wall clock (£188.10).


“While designers call this look ‘eclectic’ it shouldn’t be thrown together – this look is about combining modern elements to make the space multi-functional and using colour so the scheme’s character-rich yet minimalist.”  

“While illustrated in a dining room setting, the design principals behind this look have some key elements that can be applied in most rooms throughout a home.

“Rooms have become a lot more multi-functional over the past few years – and this is being reflected in design styles, furniture and accessories. By combining the right elements you can soon design a space that can be used in lots of different ways – dressing it up for a dinner party or keeping it paired back and relaxed for a family breakfast or homework session. This styling also suits open plan settings.

The dining table (Cuba Dining Table £769), made from Acacia wood, suits all occasions, and by combining open storage with a sleek Mocha Sideboard (£1,165) the furniture support the needs of a multifunctional dining space.


Accessorising a New Traditionalist theme

Pictured – Mocha Sideboard (£1,165); Hoop Brass Table Lamp  (£40.46); Cuba Dining Table (£769) Steel Curve Mirror – £269.10.

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