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The Best Italian Cuisines in Manchester

In the Northern Powerhouse of Manchester, we consider ourselves foodies. And as much as we love our traditional Northern dishes such as pasty barms, sausage and mash and of course, the Manchester Tart- sometimes we like to broaden our horizons and divulge in diverse cuisines. The city of Manchester has become a metropolitan city and is home to a bustling and buzzing hub of culture. Reinventing itself as the world’s capital of the arts, Manchester has become the UK hotspot of fashion, music, urban living, industrial heritage and of course, food.

Throughout the city, authentic Italian food is beginning to dominate- and is slowly replacing the Pizza Express’s and Bella Italia’s of the North. Undergoing an educational ‘glow up’, the inhabitant of Manchester has had a refined culinary experience, and their palette has been introduced to some of the best Italian food- that is made with love and sourced all the way back to traditions in small Italian homelands. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top Italian hotspots, so all you foodie Mancunians can try some delicious, authentic Italian food.


Sugo Pasta Kitchen:

Hash tagging Forza Sugo on their website, Sugo Pasta kitchen claim to be the big bosses when it comes to bringing authentic Italian pasta dishes to the Northwest. When it comes to Italian food, variations of pasta dishes are the key to our hearts (and a full belly!). Whether you’re after some Fettuccine al Pomodoro, Pasta e Fagioli or Espagueti a la Crema- then the Sugo Pasta Kitchen is the place to go. Originally opening in Altringham in 2015, the restaurant has triumphed and gone from strength to strength, opening a second restaurant in Ancoats in 2018. Presenting every single classical Italian pasta dish, the menu spoils customers for choice- and a visit spent at Sugo Pasat Kitchen is always a delight!

Sicilian NQ:

Included in Italy’s twenty regions is Sicily. Known for its charming villages, picturesque beaches and abundance of archaeological sites, Sicily is a Mediterranean dream. And although sadly we can’t quite replicate the amazing weather and views here in Manchester, one thing we can take is the food! Sicilian NQ is an authentic Sicilian culinary experience located on Turner Street in Northern Quarter, Manchester. True to its roots, the restaurant serves up some of the best and hard-to-find Sicilian dishes- and that includes beverages and Gelato too. With their products even being sourced from an old family artisan lab in the depths of a tiny Sicilian town- this restaurant offers the truest Sicilian food experience you could hope for.

San Carlo:

If you’re wanting a glitz and glamourous to go along with your dining experience, then San Carlo is the place to go. Easily one of the most visited Italian restaurants in Manchester, the restaurant has become something of an institution- serving up some of the best loved Italian dishes to Mancunians- and sometimes you may even see a few famous faces! Opening well over twenty years ago, the restaurant has expanded to all parts of Manchester. Their main branch is located on Kings Street; however, they have ‘Fumo’ which is situated on Oxford Street, and a restaurant in the high-end shop Selfridges, which is called ‘Bottega’.


Think traditional, family-orientated and Italian legacy. Salvi’s restaurant is a treasured favourite in Manchester and is perhaps one of the most dedicated Italian delis and restaurants in the city. Inspired by the owner’s mother’s kitchen back in Naples, owner Maurizio has created some of the best Neapolitan dishes that are served at two locations: the Northern Quarter on High Street, or the Corn Exchange.


Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza:

Following on with the Neapolitan dishes, Rudy’s restaurant is next on the list if you want some deliciously tasty and authentic Italian pizza. Voted the 8th Best Pizza in the World (how amazing?!), the restaurant encompasses a true Italian spirit that offers so much more than just the pizza. Creating exceptional Italian starters, and even offering Campari Soda by the bottle.


Situated on Oxford Road, the restaurant T’Arricrii specialises in one of the most special Sicilian creations- arancini. A dish that consists of rice that is stuffed with mouth-watering fillings, then rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried, arancini is a popular Italian dish that has made its way to the heart of Mancunians.  Alongside their devotion to serving Manchester’s finest arancini, the restaurant also offers a varying range of antipasti and aperitivi, paninis and of course- Cannolo, a beloved Italian desert.


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