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Aviva Investors level up digital connectivity offering in Manchester in time for tenants to return to the office

Aviva Investors has worked extensively with WiredScore, the global digital connectivity rating scheme, over the last twelve months to improve the tech infrastructure across assets in Manchester, branded as Aviva’s Manchester Hub.

The focus has been to utilise the period of the pandemic productively to revolutionise their digital connectivity offerings so, as tenants return to the office spaces, they will be met with improved tech infrastructure that is WiredScore accredited.

Digital connectivity is now business critical to tenants, Savills most recent What Workers Want study found that 83% of respondents ranked quality of Wi-Fi technology as among the most important factors for their workplace, the second highest factor behind length of commute to work.

WiredScore has worked across all five of Aviva Investors core assets in Manchester: 11 York Street, 55 Spring Gardens, 40 Spring Gardens, 11 Portland Street and 201 Deansgate.

WiredScore assigns buildings one of five ratings: Uncertified, Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. When the WiredScore team first surveyed the buildings only 55 Spring Gardens scored WiredScore Gold. Working with WiredScore and based on their recommendations Aviva undertook a comprehensive improvement plan in partnership with Uncoded, a property technology consultancy, to enhance the digital connectivity across each of the buildings.

This improvement process resulted in every building in the Manchester Hub being certified a minimum WiredScore Gold. 11 Portland Street is certified at WiredScore Gold, and 40 Spring Gardens, 11 York Street and 55 Spring Gardens are certified at WiredScore Platinum, with 201 Deansgate due to undergo a refurbishment plan which will see it achieve at least WiredScore Gold.

Tom McClellan, WiredScore Country Director, UK & Ireland, said: “If the past year proved anything, it’s just how important connectivity is to the way we live, work and socialise. We live in a digitally dependent world and it’s wonderful that Aviva are investing in a better-connected future and in-building experience for tenants in 11 York Street, 55 Spring Gardens, 40 Spring Gardens, 11 Portland Street and 201 Deansgate. In achieving WiredScore Platinum/Gold across their portfolio, Aviva is setting the standard in Manchester, delivering outstandingly connected buildings to benefit and serve the tenants of today, and tomorrow.”

Aviva’s improvements will be instrumental in improving the experience for the workforces in their office spaces. An experience which is influential in boosting productivity in the workplace. The current average cost per hour to businesses that experience internet downtime is £269,000 three times higher than it was just two years ago*, with 70%** of internet disruptions caused by issues with the physical infrastructure of buildings.

Paul Smith from Aviva Investors added “The main driver for Aviva is to create an environment and experience for tenants that they can’t find elsewhere.

“The work that has been undertaken in collaboration with WiredScore and Uncoded has showcased our commitment to enhancing the experience for our tenants within our Manchester Hub. Having used the time granted by the pandemic effectively, our tenants will return to forward facing offices that have been completely levelled up.”

Aviva Investors’ commitment to developing the Manchester Hub’s tech infrastructure is echoed on a wider portfolio level. Aviva Investors, in collaboration with WiredScore, are currently working on 30 of their assets across the UK totalling over 2.5m sq ft including 8 developments which are all targeting a minimum Gold rating. As with the Manchester Hub, WiredScore has been working with Aviva over the past 18 months to optimise the digital connectivity across these buildings and ensure that their digital connectivity is optimal for the current and future tenants of these buildings.



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