Why you Should Choose Uni-Blinds for Your Bifold Doors


Integrated blinds offer the best privacy and shading solution for bifold doors. Morley Glass and Glazing specialise in the Uni-Blinds range which can be tailored to your exact needs as they are made directly to order in the UK. This article shall explore why you should choose uni-blinds for your bifold doors and will talk you through the process from customising the colour of your uni blinds to choosing your operating system.

What are Uni-Blinds?

Uni-Blinds are the UK’s leading brand for blinds which are placed between the glass and are enclosed between double glazed units. As the blinds are sealed inside of the glass this creates a minimal clean aesthetic as there is no clutter on the doors and the blinds never require cleaning as they are not exposed to dust particles. Uni-blinds are available in two styles, venetian integral blinds and pleated integral blinds, and both can be effortlessly built into bi-folding doors.

Bi-folding doors have become increasingly popular in recent years and are used in gardens, offices and even bedrooms. Uni-Blinds offer a practical solution for bi-folding doors as they do not restrict the opening of the doors nor do they make them look cluttered and visually unappealing.

Choosing the Colour of Your Uni-Blinds

As well as being a practical blind solution for bifold doors, Uni-Blinds are also available in a wide range of colours to suit all tastes and decor. A sample of available colours include white, yellow, beige, green, blue, grey and cream. Each colour also comes with a percentage showing its own particular solar reflection, light reflection or solar absorption.

Pleated blinds are available in a choice of 18 colours whereas 10 colours are available in Venetian blinds. S159 anthracite grey is only available in the UK through Morley Glass and Glazing and this colour specifically complements aluminium windows and doors.

Choice of Control System

There is a choice of five different operational systems within the uni-blinds range suiting both venetian and pleated blinds. The type of control system that you choose will depend on your preference and particular taste as there are cordless, motorised and even solar powered options available.

The W Smart option takes its power from the sun which lowers the user’s carbon footprint, therefore making it a highly desirable option. The S System, contrarily, uses a positioned slider controlled by magnets at the bottom of pleated blinds to move them up and down. If you are looking for a more traditional method of controlling your blinds then you may want to choose the C System. This control system uses a cord, knob or wand to manually lower and tilt blinds.


Easy to Install

Uni-Blinds can be easily fitted into existing doors as they replace the standard or double or triple glazed unit that is supplied with doors. Therefore, not only will your bi-folding doors receive beautiful blinds but the glass itself will receive a shiny new upgrade. Uni-Blinds are installed in the same way that a normal glass unit would be making it an easy straightforward job for the person installing them. Not only are Uni-Blinds easy to install but they require minimal maintenance as the blinds are enclosed within glass and are not exposed to dirt, germs or dirt particles.


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