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Number of active mobile gamers hits over 2.2 billion globally

Mobile gaming has witnessed dramatic growth of late. In fact, as a modern-day entertainment option, gaming on a smartphone device has never been so popular. People use their smartphone devices for other reasons, too, be it for accessing lifestyle and wellbeing news or updating their social media profiles, but it’s gaming that is another go-to option for a large section of society.

Mobile gaming has seen impressive and continual growth over the last decade. Many mobile titles are now advertised on television, too, highlighting just how far the overall genre has come. The mobile gaming community has experienced a rise in players, too, with the number of active mobile gamers worldwide now said to be over 2.2 billion. On top of this, games account for 43% of all smartphone use, further highlighting just how popular mobile gaming has become in the modern world. But why is this? What is the appeal of playing mobile games in 2022? Let’s delve a little deeper below.


On-the-go entertainment

Given the portability of a mobile phone, playing an array of games on both iOS and Android is a convenient proposition for people. For example, players can download a title within seconds and fire it up for a session with ease. The games are generally designed to be picked up and put down, making it an on-the-go entertainment option for people who want to dip in and out of a gaming session throughout the day. The sheer amount of games for people to sample is quite remarkable, too. The main options are downloaded through both Google Play and the App Store, but there are also popular browser games that are gathering pace among the mobile gaming community too, with online casino games being a go-to option for many gamers, alongside games on popular social media sites like Facebook’s Zynga Poker. These games accompany other in-demand titles from a variety of different gaming genres also, be it puzzle releases, brain training titles, and even classic games of old that have been modernised like Snake. The fact that people can enjoy these games and more while on the move makes mobile gaming a user-friendly experience, especially for casual gamers. The games are easy to grasp, on the whole, they don’t require the skill console releases do, and they’re not as detailed as the average console product either. Console gaming, on the other hand, requires far more time and attention while also only being accessible from indoors. For people who aren’t avid gamers and simply want an option to pass the time, mobile gaming is the perfect opportunity.


The games keep on improving

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We’re living in a modern world where innovation is showing no signs of slowing down. The same advancements have been made with our smartphone devices, therefore providing games developers with more to work with in terms of game development. As such, we’re now seeing console-quality titles being downloaded on smartphone devices, people are also using an array of accessories to improve specific games, and the graphics and gameplay on a mobile phone device has been improved dramatically. Popular games that have made the transition over to mobile include Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, and Mario Kart. We’re even seeing the emergence of augmented reality titles such as Pokemon Go, a game that enables gamers to explore the outdoors in what is a truly immersive gaming experience.

It’s affordable

Mobile gaming is affordable compared to the extortionate costs of purchasing a console machine. Most games are either cheap or completely free. We all already own a smartphone device in 2022, too.



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