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Redwigwam CEO welcomes Spring Statement as UK workers face “tough times”

Measures announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the Government’s Spring Statement have been welcomed by the CEO of the UK’s largest online platform for flexible workers.

Liverpool-based Redwigwam’s Lorna Davidson said: “Like a lot of business owners, I was waiting with bated breath for the Chancellor’s statement.

“Several of the measures announced demonstrate that he has listened to the concerns of businesses and workers and recognises the additional pressures caused by the Ukraine situation.

“I welcome the announcements regarding the cut in the basic rate of income tax to 19p in the pound and the equalising of the thresholds for National Insurance and income tax.

“I was also pleased to hear about the cut in fuel duty by 5p a litre until March next year, although I’m worried this doesn’t go far enough.

“The vast majority of my staff and Rediwigwam’s workers are driving to work and around the country, so the current high costs of fuel are a big concern for them.

“Workers are really feeling it where it hurts most and that’s in their pockets.”

Lorna said that given the “tough times that laid ahead” ensuring that workers are paid “properly, quickly and efficiently” is key in the current climate.

Redwigwam’s bespoke AI-powered staffing platform matches its database of over 180,000 flexible workers with 3,500 registered businesses. It is the only business in the UK to offer payment within 24 hours.

Key sectors include retail, logistics, cleaning and hospitality.





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