Up-and-coming entrepreneurs enjoy award celebrations

The student winners.
The student winners.

Inspirational business leaders attended a celebration of burgeoning entrepreneurial talent at Chester Business School and awarded students for their enterprising journey.

Among the guests were all the experts who the students have heard from throughout their course, including: C-Lash Founder Codilia Gapare; Alumnus Bishir Sulemain, Head of Content at Real Buzz Media; Robin Proctor a retail supply chain innovator, who has become a FTSE 100 Exec Co Director at 33-years-old and Athalia Dangerfield, Director of A Mind to Thrive.

The experts were recently invited to celebrate the learners’ achievements by presenting them with awards which celebrated sustainability, social enterprise, branding, profitability and the Entrepreneurial Student of the Year, and were held in the impressive Boardroom at the University of Chester’s Queen’s Park site.

The idea of Lecturer Fran Shollo, who teaches the Essentials of Entrepreneurship at the University’s Business School, the awards aimed to inspire, encourage and engage students to achieve on the module.

Fran said: “The students were delighted with the ceremony comparing it to the Oscars and all said how it meant so much. They have been a fantastic group of students getting stuck into our ‘pitch in a minute’ presentations and enjoying hearing from the 22 guest entrepreneurs over the year.”

The winning students were chosen from more than 60 students for their one-minute pitch ideas given throughout their course. The winners were: Aaron Jones – Most Profitable Business; Jade Mcardle – Most Socratic Award and Entrepreneur Student of the Year; Piyush Choudhari – Most Inquisitive and Entrepreneur Student of the Year; Eleanor Jones – Entrepreneur Student of the Year; Daniel Wookey – Best Branding; Lydia Oguchukaey – Meme Master Award (for hybrid learning); Sam Barwell – Most Sustainable Business Idea and Hannah Courtney – Best Social Enterprise.

Jade Mcardle is studying International Business Management and was thrilled with her Entrepreneur Student of the Year award. She said: “It’s motivating to know that what I am doing now is getting me closer to my future career goal, which is to be a business analyst within the cosmetics industry.”


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