Why is Hiring a Letting Agent Important for a Landlord


As a landlord, you need to find letting agents in Buckingham or Edinburgh for the hassle and stress-free management of your property.

There can be a lot of challenges that you can face as a landlord. Without much experience and expertise in the field, it is not easy to tackle all the issues on your own. Finding tenants, carrying out safety inspections, answering all emergency calls and preparing the agreement for tenants all fall under the responsibilities of the landlord and all these responsibilities can be quite overwhelming.

Hence, using letting agents as a landlord will be highly beneficial. Here are the top reasons why landlords should use a letting agent.

Your property will be advertised in a wider circle:

When you hire a letting agent, your property will be seen as available in a huge pool of rental properties. Letting agents have their resources and networks where your property will be advertised, and many potential tenants will be seeing your rental property within a short time span. This will drastically increase the chances of getting good leads and connections.

You will get good tenants with the help of your letting agent:

If you hire a good letting agent, their reputation will bring in good tenants who are looking for exceptional properties in Buckingham. So that means landlords will be able to find good tenants quickly. In fact, if there are tenants vacating your property, the void period too will be minimum.

Your letting agent will take care of the safety of your property:

There is nothing worse than going after your tenants for the monthly payment of rent and maintaining the property at the same time. But with a letting agent who is responsible and professional, you will be assured that your property is in good hands.  They will carry out all the checks for you and ensure that your tenants are paying their rent on time.

You will receive advice on a realistic rent:

An empty property that no one is interested in letting is bad news for landlords. One sure shot of a way of getting stuck with such property is to charge too much for the property. So it is important that you are aware of the market rate. This is where a good letting agent comes to play- they will have a complete understanding of the rental market in an area and advise you accordingly. You would want a trusted letting agent who is honest about prices and helps landlords to achieve tenants in a secure way.

Your letting agent will prepare the agreement for the tenants:

There are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed while preparing the agreement for tenants. But by hiring a letting agent, it will be his or her responsibility to complete the paperwork by complying with all rules and regulations.

You won’t need to worry about safety compliance:

It is the responsibility of the landlord to regularly check on gas, electrical appliances and water systems. Landlords are also legally responsible for keeping all the documents ready for any future reference. If you choose to hire a letting agent, they take away the headache of maintaining the safety compliances. They have enough knowledge as well as experience to do the work.

Organising repairs and renovations will be done by your letting agent:

Apart from the maintenance of all the appliances; any renovation work needs to be supervised by the landlord. But there is a letting agent involved, he or she will supervise all the repairs in between lets. They also have a big network of contractors who are best at their work and reliable.

A good letting agent will protect your interests:

Whenever you are hiring a letting agent, remember to check for their credibility as your interests should be at their heart. They need to ensure that your property is looked after and well maintained at all times. Even when there is a period of a void between vacating tenants and new tenants coming in. This is crucial so that your property is in good order and regular inspections are carried out to maintain it that way.

Bottom Line:

Finding a letting agent for your property takes time. You need to look for professionals who have proven experience in the management of rental properties. If you were unsure as to whether you need a letting agent, we hope this guide served as a tool for you to take the decision of hiring a letting agent for your property.


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