Wallasey artist makes lasting impression on new company HQ


Cheshire-based International Pheromone Systems recently commissioned a well-known local artist to create a large mural to brighten the walls of the company’s new offices.

The mural will also help visitors such as schoolchildren to understand the mysterious world of pheromones through Joe Forrest’s amazing work.

Based in Wallasey, not far from International Pheromone System’s HQ, Joe is a fine artist specialising in high-quality custom artwork. He studied at the Merseyside Forum for Painting, Sculpture and Allied Crafts in Liverpool and has a strong reputation in the area for his bespoke murals and portraits.

For International Pheromone Systems Joe had the challenge of understanding the scientific world of pheromones and interpreting the microscopic particles into something visual.

Joe explains: “It was a huge challenge as my work had to fit with the business aims, ideals and the abstract nature of the brief. I was given a rough sketch of what the IPS team had in mind which I used as a starting point.  I focused on pastel colours and created shapes to represent the pheromone particles. I am really pleased with the result. It is very different from the work I usually do.”

Over the week it took to paint the 20 square metre mural, Joe used a variety of techniques and paints and a range of different colours. The main technique was pointillism where an image is built from thousands of coloured dots.

He added: “The IPS team wanted the artwork to tell a story and help people to understand the concept of pheromone attraction, especially people who know nothing about the subject.”

International Pheromone Systems Managing Director Graeme Hartley said: “We wanted to make our brand-new headquarters as attractive and interesting as possible, rather than just hanging pictures. The idea of a mural was to give a visual representation of a pheromone. We thought by commissioning an artist known for abstract art we would achieve an interesting visual stimulus to the human eye. It made sense to support local business, especially with having such a talented artist like Joe on our doorstep. Already we have had very positive comments as people walk up the stairs, fortunately nobody has just walked past and not seen the creation.”

International Pheromone Systems is a customer-orientated company with 35 years of experience in developing, producing and supplying high-quality insect pheromone and kairomone formulations and associated trapping systems to a growing international customer base. The company specialises in supplying semiochemical lures, formulated liquid attractants and traps to monitor and manage insect pests and promoting sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) within agricultural, horticultural, forestry, storage and urban settings.

A core value of the company is to promote and support Integrated Pest Management programs which offer ecological and environmentally sustainable solutions to pest management.


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