Fire Vs Ice As These Eight Brave Women Share Their Stories Of Resilience & Knock Wim Hof Off The Top Spot With Inspirational Transformation Book

  • Three Top Tips on How to Rise from the Ashes from Mindset and Positive Psychology Empowerment Coach
  • Fire vs Ice – Warrington-based Motivational Speaker And Founder Of The Mamas Ignited Movement Knocks The IceMan Wim Hof With Her Latest Book To Help Women Overcome Their Darkness to Find The Fire and Light of Life

This week, a leading business woman, and solo mum of one, whose accolades include; three bestselling books and a globally sought-after coaching programme, setting women free from their past, has united with eight other female entrepreneurs in a bid to collectively inspire women with their stories of resilience, to help readers find the fire and light of life. Together they are celebrating the launch of their inspirational book ‘From the Ashes; She is Ignited’, which has had blazing success rising straight in at Number 1 on the Amazon bestseller charts in 10 categories including; mental health, personal health and personal transformation, where it knocked ice man Wim Hof from the top spot.

Former secondary school teacher, now Mindset and Positive Psychology Empowerment Coach and the Founder of The Mamas Ignited Movement, Louisa Herridge, 42 from Warrington, Cheshire, along with the contributing authors, all hope that by bravely sharing their stories of overcoming and reignition within the pages of this best-selling book, they will help and encourage others to leave behind; judgement, trauma, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage and to take hold of their dreams and soar throughout 2022.

Celebrating the launch of ‘From the Ashes; She is Ignited’ her fourth inspirational best-selling book, Louisa urges women everywhere to ignite the spark of self-belief and extinguish adversity and fear to live a more fulfilled life – just like she did.

Solo mum to her 6-year-old daughter, Louisa describes herself as being like ‘the glorious Phoenix, who has risen from the ashes of; debt, domestic abuse, trauma, chronic pain and depression to be reborn in flames as the blazing leader.’ Her passion and fire for personal growth comes from her own lived experience.

Only two years ago, Louisa, was depressed, unhappy and felt stuck. Following a violent assault at the hands of her ex-partner, which resulted in complex trauma, PTSD and emotional and psychological burnout, Louisa said; “I had stopped living.” After some time, support and coaching, Louisa started to feel a little light ignite within – she knew had to leave her successful teaching career that was making her miserable and re-invented herself in order to self-heal and find a better life.

Over the 18 months, Louisa has built her business up to be a full-time endeavour and in this latest, wholly honest book, she and her collaborators, leave no stone unturned when talking about their experiences, their trauma and how they have developed the courage and resilience to not just survive, but thrive in life.

From The Ashes She Is Ignitedencourages others to develop resilience; the courage to do something that frightens you and show strength in the face of pain or grief. To develop the all-round mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity to recover and overcome difficulties, to rise from any adversity and rediscover that inner potential from which all things are possible.

Within its pages, you’ll find chapters including;

‘The Science of Happiness’, by Faye Edwardes, who emphatically believes “we can do hard things!” even after heartbreak, serious illness, pain, bereavement, betrayal, financial issues and disappointment as we truly discover who we are. Faye herself, when faced with losing millions in business, spiralling into depression, sought to rediscover her purpose and values and now helps thousands of other women find their own mission and worth.

In Rachael Parland’s heartbreaking chapter ‘An Unbreakable Bond; a Mother, A Son, A Journey’, she describes losing her beloved son Rocco, aged five, and the choices she made to heal and make life worth living; free from pain and heartache, encouraging readers – “my destiny was not to live a life of sorrow but of love, hope, gratitude, abundance and positivity.”

Within her chapter, contributing author, Global Empowerment and Wellness Coach, Laura Rowe, shares her health struggles of anxiety, depression and cancer, she says; “I learnt the hard way that if we don’t make time for our wellness, we’ll be forced to make time for our illness.”

‘Free to be Me’ is Roxy King-Clark’s story of living life confidently and unapologetically, embracing the woman she’s created to be and encouraging every other woman to believe in themselves and live from that position of their greatest power.

Other chapters also cover subjects such as; the science of happiness, overcoming trauma, infertility, anxiety, cancer, unbreakable bonds, time to shine, freedom to be yourself, dealing with loss and grief, meditation, treating yourself, motherhood, careers you love, motivation… and much more.

Relevant to all women, ‘From The Ashes; She Is Ignited’ shows that we all have the opportunity to rise and begin again.

Having already helped hundreds of women across the globe, Louisa’s collaboration book will help her reach more and more…

Louisa said: “One thing that all of the women who have contributed to this book have in common is resilience. Life sends us unexpected horrors at times and the only thing we can do is carry on. Being resilient is often not on purpose, it is something that we find when we have no other choice. Resilient people are strong enough to adapt and change… and we can’t despair if we feel like that’s an uncomfortable place to be. It comes with experience. I often think of the palm tree – able to bend in the storms, but rarely uprooted. You may feel like that today, but don’t be troubled. The storm makes you stronger! Resilient people know who they are and accept themselves, both the good and the bad. Resilient people have a strong support network; family, friends, peers, work colleagues. We don’t need an army of support, just those significant individuals we can turn to when life gets rough or the waves feel too strong to navigate. Resilient people are honest with themselves and others. They don’t sweep things under the carpet and pretend their way through life. I’ve learned that if you don’t deal with some‐thing, it will eventually deal with you.”

Louisa’s mission is driven by her story, she said; “I want to help women to tap into their story and be able to speak from the scar not the wound, using it to ignite their overall impact. I have had my share of adversity and know how hard it can be to stop listening to your inner critic, voice of doom and the tight grip of imposter syndrome and anxiety; I understand your fear of judgement or failure; I had it too.”

Louisa continues: “Seeing ‘From The Ashes; She Is Ignited’ become a global best seller, has really reinforced the power of the message that nothing should hold you back and that when we develop courage and resilience through difficult times, we can turn what could have broken us, into our greatest strength. My wish is for this book to be an inspiration to many – you too can rise from the ashes.”

Founder of Authors & Co, Abigail Horne who has brought the book to life, said the book is for women at every stage of life. She said: “At Authors & Co we work with entrepreneurs who want to make an impact through leaving their legacy. Our authors always lead their readers to reflect on their own lives and if aligned, make use of the teachings to move forward themselves.”

Copies of ‘From the Ashes; She is Ignited’ can be bought via Amazon.

Louisa’s Top 3 Tips on Rising from the Ashes include:

  1. Maintain a growth mindset – focus on the journey of experiencing, giving things a go, failing and learning until you succeed. Sometimes this is unintentional when going through trauma but people with resilience view life events as opportunities to grow. Failures are only setbacks and opportunities for improvement and learning. People with a growth mindset take charge of their success and the process of attaining it and maintaining it and as such show great resilience.
  2. Be courageous – You will see what I mean in the chapters of this book. Each of these women have shown great courage and in doing so they have found the positivity and ability to live a fully ignited life. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you and show strength in the face of pain or grief.
  3. Be resilient – Resilience is the all-round mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity to recover and overcome from difficulties. Courage and resilience together is what makes us rise from any adversity. They show strength of character and a need for grit but we all have the potential to tap into when needed.


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