Foundation 92 continues to evolve its community mentoring offer, supporting young people to reduce risk taking behaviour across North-West


Class of 92 backed charity, Foundation 92 has launched this new initiative through the support of Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit, Street Games, Tameside Council and Trafford Council.

The programme is aimed at supporting young people based in Salford, Trafford and Tameside to reduce risk taking behaviour that could result in serving time in prison or being placed in detention centres.

This programme will provide bespoke wrap around care, advice, guidance, and support for some of Greater Manchester’s most vulnerable young people, helping them to develop their confidence, resilience, and the ability to transition into wider community education and employment, through the vehicle of football.

As part of this new initiative, Foundation 92 recently launched a new VRU programme at the Albion Academy and in the Seedley and Langworthy areas. The aim of this strand of the programme is to disrupt risk taking behaviour at the earliest possible stage, enabling young people to make more positive and informed decisions around their conduct in the community.

The Foundation also set up a mentoring programme in Trafford and Tameside, with the aim of supporting young people who have been identified as being most at risk of participating in serious violent offending, using sport as a vehicle to embed positive behaviour change within often chaotic and unsustainable lifestyles.

Each delivery strand links directly into Foundation 92’s wider youth work offer, such as; the charities Premier League Kicks programme, ensuring young people have a clear and defined pathway into open access community provision.

Head of Foundation 92, Tom Hutton said: “Launching and continuing to develop Foundation 92’s community mentoring offer is hugely important to support vulnerable young people who are at risk of committing offences that could result in time served in prison. We are delighted that we can work alongside a range of specialist partners and deliver this programme to young people who will really benefit from the support.

“We are also hugely grateful to have a number of employment partners on board, helping young people transition into quality employment outcomes and we hope other businesses will come forward and offer opportunities for those taking part in our programme.”

The scheme will be operating across Salford and Greater Manchester.

Foundation 92 focuses on supporting people to improve their lives through sport and education, with an emphasis on positive physical and mental wellbeing. It was founded in 2018 by Manchester United’s Class of 92.


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