REVEALED: 59% Of The North West Call for MORE Gambling Regulation


    Whether it’s online bets, horse racing, sports bets or even bingo, gambling has become ever present across UK society, with the industry contributing £2.83 billion in tax to the treasury during 2020-2021. Plus, with gambling mobile apps on the rise, the avocation has become more accessible than ever before.

    In a study by online casino affiliate Mr Gamble, the UK’s gambling habits were revealed with some interesting insights into spending habits, usage, and even calls for more regulation.

    Check out some more exclusive North West insights from the study below:

    North West gamblers are happy to spend on average £67 per week 

    Not far from the UK’s average at £70, North West gamblers spend on average £67 per week on the activity.

    However, the region believes on average £208 would be ‘too much’ to spend on gambling per week, almost triple what the average UK gamblers spends per week.

    Sports Betting is the most popular form of gambling in the region

    The most popular form of gambling across the North West was Sport Betting, with 42% of the region engaging in the form on a regular basis. This was followed closely by online gambling at 38% and bingo at 12%.

    Gambling across the UK has become easier than ever before as a result of betting apps, with 84% of the North West already having them downloaded on their phone.

    73% of the North West would know where to access gambling resources if they needed them

    Whilst 75% of the region have never had to access help for excessive gambling, but if they did, 73% would know where to look. Alongside this, 77% of the region are confident they have never had a gambling problem, meaning despite the ease in the activity, patrons are still in control of their usage.

    Infact, 55% of gamblers in the region are happy to stop after a win, whilst 67% will stop after a loss.

    However, only 41% believe the current amount of gambling regulation is enough

    Despite the distinct level of control demonstrated by the region, 59% still believe there should be more regulation when it comes to gambling. This is compared to the 68% across all regions who believe there is room for change.

    Gambling affiliate sites like Mr Gamble have supported in streamlining this process, highlighting responsible gambling resources across their sites to support gamblers looking for help.

    You can see the full rundown of the story covering other UK regions HERE!


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