Alchemy Personal Training launches ‘Fit for Life Transformation Programme’


Cheshire-based personal training studio, Alchemy Personal Training, launches a bespoke Fit for Life (FFL) Transformation Programme.

Alchemy PT is a private personal training studio situated in central Wilmslow, with over 2000 square feet of space, clients can be assured to receive a gold standard one-to-one personal training service. All of this is done in a boutique style personal training gym with private parking, fresh supply of filtered water, towels, shower and changing facilities.

With over 38 years’ combined experience across the studio, Alchemy has now launched an achievable transformation programme – which has been carefully designed to be a ‘fit for life’.

The six-week transformation entails the following:

  • One hour health and wellbeing assessment (value £57.50)
  • Three personal training sessions per week for six weeks (value £1035)
  • Six weeks’ worth of tailored food diaries (value £210)
  • 24/7 communication link with your personal trainer (value £345)

If you were to purchase all these items separately, the total investment would value at £1,647.50, however for a limited period only Alchemy PT are offering all the above for only £999.

Rufus Bradshaw, Owner of Alchemy PT said: “Starting your fitness journey may be difficult, especially if you are new to exercise – but that’s where we come in! All we ask is our clients commit 100% to the process, and we will take care of the rest. Your success is our motivation.”

According to experts, the key for healthy and long-term body transformation is to use both diet and exercise. This is not only effective in preventing weight gain or maintaining weight loss, but it is also essential in improving mental health and well-being by allowing people to build confidence and motivation around their fitness goals. In fact, one study showed that combining a modest calorie restricted diet with exercise was five times more effective in losing weight compared with exercising alone. Ultimately, combining an effective diet plan along with regular exercise can help you achieve more sustainable weight loss or muscle gain in the long run.

For more information about the transformation programme – visit


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